Looking for a well established security company?

Established in 2007, Stand Security is a B-BBEE certified (level 4) service provider based in Cape Town. We are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA No. 1820831) and are a registered agent at CIPRO. Furthermore, we are a proud member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We offer the following services:

Security services

1. Security guards and 24-hour control room monitoring

We protect your assets by dispatching competent guards to secure, guard, monitor and patrol your premises. Our guards are well trained and fully equipped with radio communication, batons, spray gas and a cellphone.

2. Guard-on-Call

Need security for temporary guarding assignments? We’ll be happy to assist. Call us to find out more.

3. VIP protection

We offer discrete, well-managed protection for businessmen, businesswomen, bridal parties, foreign visitors, celebrities, high-profile persons, witnesses in court cases or sports teams. Our specialists are available to meet your need, be it for individual or group protection.

4. Special event management

We can provide a large number of trained staff for short-term assignments such as concerts, sporting events, fetes and large gatherings. We also specialise in crowd control.

5. Camera and alarm installations

Speak to us about your requirements, and we’ll offer you security options to meet your needs.


Our other divisions:

In addition to security services, Stand Security operates two other divisions:

Cleaning and ironing

This division specialises in:

1. Cleaning

From windows and garages to yards, offices (inside and outside) and much more… nothing is too big or too small.

2. Ironing

Bring us your clean laundry for exceptional ironing and finishing.

Building maintenance and painting

Our staff will look after your property and bring in the right skills to repair and maintain your building under full supervision. This includes painting the interior or exterior of your building.

Our staff are flexible, reliable and presentable. On-site supervision ensures high standards are maintained at all times and all tasks are carried out in line with your requirements.


About our staff:

  • By law, all security officers have to be registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). Stand Security complies with this at all times, all our personnel are therefore registered with PSIRA and are in possession of registration certificates.
  • Our staff undergo specialised training programmes that are originated and presented for the various industries. Our programmes are regularly updated to enable our staff to competently manage situations of civil disturbance and increased criminal activity.
  • We believe in on-site training, so a job description is compiled with the client before commencement of all contracts. This is done to familiarise the security officers and supervisors with the site’s specification.
  • Our training staff have a collective understanding of industrial, commercial and retail environments, as well as loss prevention.
  • Our staff is remunerated in terms of legislated rates.
  • All levels of supervision are available.
  • A full loss control function and risk analysis of any site can be given to assess your needs.
Our services are affordable.

Contact us on 021 511 5373 / 021 801 8421 or CLICK HERE.